PrEnom Nom


After the death of my grandfather in 1996 of june, many pictures I could see in my memory. I need to work about this death, our relationship was being feeled, in order to exorcise the suffering. the disease's coming at the hospital when after the intestine operation. It's why my pictures introduce the similtude with the scientific picture, anthropometric and prison. I try to close my characters in the universal twice dimentionals (white or black with an illusory deep), where some numbers, lines, trails (points of signs space and time of the picture) broke their comfort and compel it to try living inspite of this graphic inscribe in a system axis XY (like the chromosomes), from scientifics graphics.

Instead Velickovic and Bacon who are drawing a scene untrully 3 dimentionals my personages are crushed, battled with a different space than ours, against the space of a photographic picture (2D).

I mix pictures of death (X-ray photograph) and pictures of life with the aim of going in the human's interior. I try to go in the invisibility and take back a visible picture from it. Morever, your emotion is going to render intelligible this picture. I think that you are creator because you reconstruct the sens and the picture.